RTI Estates Ltd are pleased to announce the official marketing release of the Quartermaster Stores. The properties are being jointly marketed by Goadsby and Symonds & Sampson.
For further information, kindly click on the link / form below, or alternatively contact your choice of agent directly.

Plot 01: SSTC

Living: 20.5m²
Kitchen / Dining: 22.5m²
Utility: 2.5m²
WC: 2m²
Bed 1: 16m²
Bed2: 13.5m²
Bathroom: 6.5m²
Ensuite: 3m²

Plot 02: SSTC

Kitchen: 9m²
Living / Dining: 27.5m²
WC / Utility: 3.5m²
Bed 1: 11m²
Bed2: 12m²
Bathroom: 4m²
Ensuite: 3m²

Plot 03: £299,000

Kitchen: 6.5m²
Living / Dining: 18.5m²
WC / Utility: 3.5m²
Bed 1: 10m²
Bed2: 8m²
Bathroom: 4m²

Plot 04: £315,000

Kitchen: 7m²
Living / Dining: 26m²
WC: 1.5m²
Bed 1: 11m²
Bed2: 10m²
Bathroom: 4.5m²

Our Agents

You can contact your prefered choice of selling agent (Goadsby or Symonds & Sampson) using the contact form provided.